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US-2016119585-A1: Method and apparatus for forwarding a camera feed patent, US-2016123297-A1: Improvements to the system for generating energy from the movement of the waves of the sea patent, US-2016141765-A1: Radio communication antenna having narrow beam width patent, US-2016148249-A1: Content Creation, Deployment Collaboration, and Tracking Exposure patent, US-2016148461-A1: Gaming activity awarding subsequent plays using results of previous plays patent, US-2016355387-A1: Device for moving construction barrels patent, US-2016358316-A1: Approximate message passing with universal denoising patent, US-2017013372-A1: Methods, Systems, and Device for Remotely-Processing Audio Signals patent, US-2017097588-A1: Developing cartridge including protrusion positioned at outer surface of casing patent, US-2017105773-A1: Rod reduction device and method of use patent, US-2017151195-A1: Compositions Comprising Sphingosine 1 Phosphate (S1P) Receptor Modulators patent, US-2017269954-A1: Enforcing compliance rules using host management components patent, US-2017272116-A1: Circuit and method to reduce fundamental and modulation spurs with spread spectrum patent, US-2015079294-A1: Coating compositions and methods for their use patent, US-2015088428-A1: Computationally efficient nonlinear structural analysis patent, US-2015115798-A1: Plasma Generator Using Spiral Conductors patent, US-2015150135-A1: Content filtering of remote file-system access protocols patent, US-2015167992-A1: Arch top roof vent patent, US-2015169758-A1: Multi-partite graph database patent, US-2015188185-A1: Reinforcement of battery patent, US-2015197183-A1: Electronic parking disc patent, US-2015206558-A1: Systems and methods for monitoring and controlling repetitive accesses to volatile memory patent, US-2015210583-A1: Method of making a glass laminate having controlled strength patent, US-2015226790-A1: Electronic device, performance binning system and method, voltage automatic calibration system patent, US-2015234918-A1: Single User Interface for Selecting, Modifying, and Querying Images patent, US-2015238196-A1: Elongate expandable member for occluding vascular vessel patent, US-2015245904-A1: Intraocular lens patent, US-2015273461-A1: Honeycomb structure patent, US-2015291368-A1: Conveyor transfer guards patent, US-2015307370-A1: Method of Stretching the Discharge of Plasma in Liquids patent, US-2015344855-A1: A Soluble Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 3 (FGR3) Polypeptide For Use In The Prevention Or Treatment Of Skeletal Growth Retardation Disorders patent, US-2015362904-A1: Control of base cutter orientation in sugarcane harvesters patent, US-2015363224-A1: Mobile and remote runtime integration patent, US-2016012131-A1: Methods and apparatuses for searching content patent, US-2016034797-A1: Image-processing device determining dot formation state of target pixel by using gradation value of target pixel patent, US-2016049629-A1: Bus bar patent, US-2016050137-A1: System and method of providing least-cost routing of calls patent, US-2016062688-A1: Flash memory device, flash memory system, and operating method patent, US-2016098984-A1: Ultrasound probe with acoustical lens patent, US-2016101895-A1: Stackable Storage Tray Adaptable To Form An Enclosed Box patent, US-2016146402-A1: Natural gas time fill post system patent, US-2016225780-A1: Method of Forming a Logic Compatible Flash Memory patent, US-2016284174-A1: Emergency System Textual Notification Device with Alert Mechanism patent, US-2016286129-A1: Control of shake blur and motion blur for pixel multiplexing cameras patent, US-2016353743-A1: Soil blends containing an insecticide and methods for production and use thereof patent, US-2017009899-A1: Flow limiting device with a back flow prevention patent, US-2017021312-A1: Solid product dispenser for small volume applications patent, US-2017042372-A1: System for heating up liquids with a cover case/box for mobile phone patent, US-2017060494-A1: Methods and arrangements relating to printing process patent, US-6564444-B1: Machine and method for inserting insulating paper in the slots of armatures of electric motors patent, US-2017081491-A1: Polyol pre-mixes having improved shelf life patent, US-2017099890-A1: Glove base and glove patent, US-2017236354-A1: Remote monitoring and control system for a barrier operator patent, US-2015075023-A1: Food processing apparatus patent, US-2015116929-A1: Backflow prevention for computing devices patent, US-2015133813-A1: Circulating tumor cell capturing techniques and devices patent, US-2015148835-A1: Sleeve features for ultrasonic blade of a surgical instrument patent, US-2015154656-A1: System and method for providing additional information of advertisement patent, US-2015158729-A1: Method for Manufacturing Nano-Graphene Sheets patent, US-2015161246-A1: Letter inputting method, system and device patent, US-2015188368-A1: Rotor of interior permanent magnet motor patent, US-2015210910-A1: Abrasive Particle with at Most Three Surfaces and One Corner patent, US-2015213021-A1: Metadata search based on semantics patent, US-2015222725-A1: Caching proxy method and apparatus patent, US-2015235178-A1: Out of office message improvements patent, US-2015248239-A1: Cascaded, point-in-time-copy architecture with data deduplication patent, US-2015252524-A1: Base for artificial leather patent, US-2015266889-A1: Myrtocomuloacetalone 1 as an anti inflammatory agent patent, US-2015278918-A1: Systems and Methods for Providing a Collections Search patent, US-2015323736-A1: Multicore fiber and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-2015325169-A1: Pixel circuit for ac driving, driving method and display apparatus patent, US-2015340089-A1: Ultrafast Nonvolatile Memory patent, US-2015347129-A1: Assigning an annotation to a variable and a statement in a source code of a software application patent, US-2015350969-A1: Handover signaling assistance patent, US-2016076191-A1: Shoe Drying Rack patent, US-2016090604-A1: Alfalfa plant and seed corresponding to transgenic event kk 179-2 and methods for detection thereof patent, US-2016190964-A1: Motor Driving Apparatus and Controlling Method Thereof patent, US-2016260456-A1: Shingled magnetic recording data store patent, US-2016346919-A1: Robot system and emergency stop processing apparatus patent, US-2017179058-A1: Bump structure having first portion of copper and second portion of pure tin covering the first portion, and interconnect structure using the same patent, US-2017305705-A1: Adhesive tape dispenser patent, US-2015098989-A1: Compounds which inhibit neuronal exocytosis patent, US-2015119778-A1: Orthotic strapping system patent, US-2015143635-A1: Portable Sleeping Assembly patent, US-2015148049-A1: Method and apparatus for allocating resources for device-to-device communication patent, US-2015172552-A1: Method of performing previewing and electronic device for implementing the same patent, US-2015206611-A1: Device for irradiation of samples in the core or at the periphery of the core of a reactor patent, US-2015234744-A1: Fusible and reconfigurable cache architecture patent, US-2015252661-A1: Hydraulic fracturing system patent, US-2015301925-A1: Methods, devices, systems, and non-transitory machine-readable medium for performing an automated calibration for testing of a computer software application patent, US-2015308916-A1: Leak Detector patent, US-2015312745-A1: Wireless communication provisioning using state transition rules patent, US-2015334981-A1: System toilet for dogs patent, US-2016006785-A1: Client Behavior Control in Adaptive Streaming patent, US-2016049832-A1: One-way shielded magnetic repulsion system for a frictionless wind turbine patent, US-2016239846-A1: Payment Networks and Methods for Processing Support Messages Associated With Features of Payment Networks patent, US-2016256453-A1: Opioid receptor antagonist for use in treating patients with severe constipation induced by high opiate dosage regimen patent, US-2016342108-A1: Method and developer station for adaptation of the inking of an image substrate of a toner-based digital printer patent, US-2016372095-A1: Music context system, audio track structure and method of real-time synchronization of musical content patent, US-2017038096-A1: Solar receiver and energy conversion apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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